Empanadas Rellenas de Crema Pastelera, Supermercado Las Montañas, Concord CA

empanadas rellenas de crema pastelera

empanadas rellenas de crema pastelera

Ever have a sweet tooth, but want to think outside of the box?  Tired of typical cake and cookies?  If you’re fortunate enough to live in or near a Latin American community, get yourself to a pastelería or a supermercado with panesPan (literally “bread”) is the common name for these mildly sweet pastries.  There is a huge variety of panes but empanadas are Zach’s favorite.  Sometimes they can be found filled with different fruit fillings, but the cream ones are delicious.  The dough is always tender and flaky, never overworked or tough.  To contrast the dough, the cream is always smooth and rich that is lightly sweetened with real vanilla.  ¡Pruébate una!

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